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My name is Rashid Dar, and I am a currently a Program Officer for Global Strategies at the John Templeton Foundation (JTF). Given my focus on Islam, what I do in a nutshell at JTF is to help amplify the important work Muslims all around the world are doing to define and live out their religion in a positive, rather than negative way, i.e. giving Muslims the tools and resources to show what Islam is or could/should be, rather than what it isn't. In the post 9/11 landscape, Muslims have spent too much time on the latter, to the detriment the former. Given that the bulk of my focus lies in the Foundation's Islam-related investments in the majority-Muslim world, I am often found traveling.

Prior to this role, I worked as a researcher focusing on political Islam at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. Before that, I was part of a Track II initiative trying to bring calm to the Syrian Civil War. I attended Columbia University (SIPA, MIA 2015) the University of Wisconsin - Madison (L&S, BA 2011), and Darul Qasim. Between work and family, I do my best to study traditional Islam as a Muslim qua Muslim.

Below, you'll find my personal blog posts. You can find a list of my outside articles and publications here.

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