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My name is Rashid Dar.

I am a dedicated policy consultant with a specialization in cultural diplomacy and philanthropy in both the Muslim-majority world and Muslim minority communities. My expertise lies in working alongside large-grant making foundations, academic institutions, corporates, family offices, think tanks, and governments in formulating strategic programs, policies and regulations to achieve desired cultural change.

By sharply focusing on cultural impact, my clients cement their objectives for the long term.

I am currently based in Istanbul, where I am consulting and advising, writing, and working on early-stage projects. I am a graduate of Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA '15) and conversant in a number of languages. CV available upon request.

If you'd like to speak further, please contact me to collaborate. Alternatively, you can schedule a meeting with me.

Some of my employers, clients, and other collaborators, past and present: